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Dock Information and Frequently Asked Questions


  • Please inform us of any of yourfuture plans/ideasfor your dock system. We may be able to accommodate for those plans now and eliminate the need for expensive alterations later.

  • Do not remove any portion of your current docking systemwithout getting a demolition permit first. Most of the townships have a 'grandfathering clause' that states that you can replace your existing dock with a new dock of the same size, even if it has exceeded what the current bylaw allows.


Steel Dock Experts

We specialize in top-quality

steel dock installations.

  • Although epoxy and other coatings are great for rust proofing, they actually compromise the quality of the welds. We are the only steel dock company that has a weldable grade of paint approved by the Canadian Welding Bureau, allowing us to weld through the coating without compromising the weld.

  • Are you aware of the fact that you can purchase steel that is a secondary grade? It is called uncertified steel. Every engineer requires and relies on the grade of steel to provide certain strength in order to support boat house loads, etc. If the steel is uncertified, then the strength is compromised. It will not matter what thickness the steel is! We use nothing but certified steel according to the grade specified by the engineer and we have mill certifications available upon request.


What is the difference in the longevity between the two pile thicknesses?

Our ¼” thick pile has been projected to last 50 years without a coating and our ½” pile is projected to last 80 to 90 years. One of our first docks was inspected by our engineer; his findings were that it was still as structurally sound as the day we installed it. The welds were strong, and the ¼” thick piles showed rust but very little decay otherwise, and the frame work was in excellent shape.


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