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Removal and repair

Expert Deck Removal and Replacement in the Muskoka Area

To repair or to remove: that is the question.

Our expert team will meet with you onsite to discuss your options according to the condition of your existing docking system and your budget. Our options include:

Option #1

If your boathouse is in good shape and your dock is rotten, we can lift the boathouse to remove and replace the dock.

Option #2

If your boathouse and dock are in good shape, but your cribs or other dock foundation components are failing, we can re-support your current dock system with piles and crossers. The great part about this is that when the dock frame has deteriorated we will still utilize the installed piles and crossers and just build the frame work on top.

Option #3

If your whole docking system is deteriorated, we can remove it and prepare for a new dock structure.

The wonderful part to all of these options is that the overall height of your dock can be raised to meet with today’s current high water levels.


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